Preparation of IHM

For Existing Ships

Part I of the Inventory for existing ships should be developed by the shipowner. Reference should be made to the relevant IMO guidelines which provide examples for the development process for Part I of the IHM for existing ships. The process should include five steps:

Collection of Necessary Information

It should be conducted in accordance with the IMO guidelines. The shipowner should make every possible effort to obtain all reasonably available documentation regarding the ship.

Assessment of Collected Information

The information collected should be assessed to cover all HM referred to in Annex I of the SRR38. HM included in the Annex II of the SRR should be assessed as far as practicable.

Preparation of Visual/Sampling Check Plan

A ‘visual/sampling check plan’ (VSCP) should be prepared in accordance with the IMO guidelines and the provisions of this guidance. Following the preparation of the VSCP a risk assessment should take place to determine the existing risks and to identify the necessary precautions and safety procedures to be followed during the HM survey and sampling39.

On Board Visual/Sampling Check

Targeted sampling should be carried out in accordance with the IMO guidelines and with reference to a pre-decided sampling methodology as described in chapter 4.5.1 of this document.

Random sampling may also be carried out with reference to a pre-decided sampling methodology as described in sampling methodology in 4.5 of this document.

The entity carrying out the HM survey and sampling should be an IHM expert as defined in this guidance document working under the conditions described in this guidance document.

The shipowner may also establish a policy for performing random sampling of materials on board existing ships after the initial preparation of the Inventory (e.g. when purchasing a ship or after a repair or conversion of the ship). In this context, the same process as for carrying out random sampling on a new ship may be applied as far as practicable40.

Preparation of Part I of the Inventory and Related Documentation

Finally, the IHM should be prepared by filling out the standard format set out in Appendix 2 of the IMO guidelines41. A diagram showing the location of the identified HMs should also be prepared. The collected documents should be listed in an archive which should follow the ship throughout its operational life42.

The flow diagram for developing Part I of the IHM for existing ships is described in Appendix 4 of the IMO guidelines and should be consulted during the hereunder process for developing the IHM according to the EU SRR.