Asbestos Removal

Providing Best Removal Service for Asbestos

The most common issue in the results of sampling on vessel is asbestos. If the materials containing the asbestos, you have to follow SOLAS requirements.

In the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) study, if any material containing asbestos is encountered, these materials should be sent to disposal or isolated on site as shown in the regulation.

Asbestos removal expertise should be done by people who are experts in the work to be done, at the same time, they should have a certificate that they are experts in this field.

These issues, which require expertise for the isolation or disposal procedures to be carried out on the ship, also provide the service of disassembling asbestos to the material for our valued customers.

For your requirements, please contact our certificated Asbestos Dismantling Experts.