IHM Experts

Why We Need HazMat Expert

The ship owner is responsible for the IHM Part I preparation of vessels in operation and may draw upon assistance from a hazmat expert. The hazmat expert can either be an individual from a third-party hazmat expert company or an employee of the ship owner who has received the proper training.

The hazmat experts prepare the IHM by taking samples and making visual checks on board based on the collected ship specific information.

The IHM experts involved in the IHM process should have appropriate training, qualifications, knowledge and experience to perform their respective duties. Requirements stated in para. 4.3 of "EMSA's best practice guidance on the inventory of hazardous materials" should be followed.

Such an expert or expert party should not be the same as the person or organization authorized by the Administration to approve the Inventory.

Individual IHM Expert

Individual IHM expert is a person who has the appropriate training, qualifications and knowledge to conduct hazardous materials related surveys for the development and maintenance of an IHM.

Individual IHM expert should be contracted by either the shipyard or by the shipowner.

Anyone using an individual IHM expert for compiling or updating an IHM is responsible to confirm that the IHM expert is competent to carry out the work required.

With regard to accreditation and certification of individual IHM expert refer to para. 4.2 of "EMSA's best practice guidance on the inventory of hazardous materials".